01. I'm [curious] to know why you decided to become a doctor.
02. My nephew looked at me [curiously] the first time he saw me with my head shaved.
03. A child is naturally full of [curiosity], and wants to know about everything.
04. My children were very [curious] to know how my husband and I met.
05. The people in the store looked at us [curiously] when we entered wearing our monkey costumes.
06. The kitten was frightened of the dog, but also a little bit [curious].
07. I don't recognize Nigel's accent. I'm [curious] to know where he is from.
08. Jacques Cousteau once said that a scientist is only a [curious] man looking through the keyhole of nature, trying to understand what is going on.
09. A good teacher uses a child's natural [curiosity] to make learning an exciting experience.
10. Marly really seems excited about something, but won't tell me what, and now I'm really getting [curious].
11. The was a [curious] assortment of objects for sale in the little shop we visited.
12. The children were full of [curiosity] when they heard their grandfather begin to talk of his adventures in Africa.
13. I'm [curious] to know why Hakan quit his job.
14. The little girl looked at her father [curiously] as he walked drunkenly across the room.
15. A Yiddish proverb remarks that a man should go on living - if only to satisfy his [curiosity].

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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